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The Amazon Mining Watch is a partnership between the Pulitzer Center´s Rainforest Investigations Network and Earthrise Media. These two nonprofit organizations have joined forces to bring together the power of machine learning and investigative journalism to shed light on large-scale environmental problems in the Amazon.

All the data published on this website is available for download. Our hope is that journalists, activists, and researchers can use this information to better contextualize and provide “on the ground” validation. As for open data, our commitment to open-source code and transparency is central. The methodology and the limitations of this platform are fully described on this site and are also accessible via GitHub.

The beta version of the platform was launched in April 2022, and our goal is to continue developing features and analytical capabilities, surfacing insights about the current state of mining in the Amazon region.

These are not mines
These are not mines
These are not mines
These are not mines
These are not mines

There are some cases where the network can incorrectly identify mined areas. Here are some examples of incorrect detections.


The Rainforest Investigations Network was created in 2020 by the Pulitzer Center to support investigative journalists in the three main rainforest regions: the Amazon, the Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia. In its two years of activity, the network has provided 25 fellowships to reporters investigating environmental crime, corruption, and the supply chains driving the destruction of forests.

Earthrise Media is a nonprofit agency helping communicators and activists around the world to use satellite imagery and geospatial intelligence in their stories and campaigns. The organization has been looking at several cases of illegal mining in Brazil and Venezuela, and through this partnership with RIN is expanding its model to the entire Amazon region.


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